5 Funny Words Young French Speakers Use


If you have already been to France or simply talked to a French native speaker you may have noticed that French tend to overuse some words. Most of them you have never heard, the reason is probably that those words are not often used in writing, but are mainly used when speaking. Here I listed 5 funny and interesting ones.


This one is an informal word especially used by the young generation.

It means totally or definitely

For example:
Tu veux y aller ? – Do you want to go?
Oui, carrément ! – Yes, definitely!


If you thought I was talking about the word “quoi” which means “what” then you are wrong. The strange other way to use this word “quoi” is informal and French speakers tend to add it in the end of many sentences to emphasize the meaning or like a sort of punctuation mark of the sentences. It may also indicate that you’re a little anoyed that the person doesn’t seem to know the info she’s asking for. For example:
Je pars, quoi” “I am leaving right?”


Most of you may have already noticed and made fun of this one. French people use it quite a lot when they speak. It simply means that they are thinking…but why do they need to make a sound? One of the common purpose is to show the person with whom they talk with that they have akwnowledged their questions (if they have asked one) or simply to avoid blanks in the conversation.

For example:

Je suis allé à Paris leuuuhh 17 janvier

I went to Paris on the hum… 17th january


What is for “ah ben” it is a shorter form of “ah ben ça alors !“, which is a way to express one’s surprise.
This is not a word technically, but most likely a derivative of “bien” and is basically a mark of emphasis in spoken French.

It can generally mean “well”, when you use it in the beginning of a sentence.


It has a lot of different “meanings”…. but basically, it’s just like the way Americans tend to overuse the word “like”. For example : “I was like…” = “j’étais genre…
Another case to use “genre” when you talk about something approximate, for instance = “
I was like 12″ = “j’avais genre 12 ans…” …etc

One more!


The best way to translate “Ouais” would be “Yeah”. It may sound like a broken and lazy “oui”. Actually, many French speakers, especially youngsters, would not answer a question “oui” in everyday situation, but rather use the informal word Ouais.

Did you like the food? Yeah!

Est-ce que tu as aimé la nourriture ? Ouais !

You can be interested to watch this funny French video in order to get used to hear how French people speak everyday.

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